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Baylis International Week 2019

International Week at Baylis Elementary School

The Baylis Compact Committee comprised of Baylis Administration, Teachers, and Parents joined with the Baylis PTA to bring the first International Week to the Baylis School Community.  International Week was celebrated during the week of March 18th, culminating with the annual PTA sponsored International Night that was on Friday, March 22nd.  In keeping with the Baylis #Kindness, Make a Difference, Pass it On initiative, the Compact Committee selected International Week’s theme to be “Kindness Travels Across Cultures”. Baylis students participated in a variety of activities all week designed to highlight and celebrate our culturally diverse community!  

  • Kick Off: On Monday, March 18, International Week was kicked off by inviting students to wear traditional clothing from their culture.  Students we were also given the opportunity to bring in artifacts from their culture and shared them throughout the week during Social Studies. Examples of some items were: flags, pottery, costume jewelry, dolls etc.
  • Announcements and fun facts about the different cultures represented at our school were made each morning.
  • Students participated in mapping activities during Library classes.
  • During physical education, students engaged in sports and games from around the world. Students learned about world games from Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
  • International songs and dance were the focus in music classes. Students were able to learn music from Europe, India, Japan, and Israel.
  • During art classes, river stones were decorated with words of kindness in different languages. These International Expressions of Kindness stones were then added to our already colorful rock garden.
  • On Friday, the entire school gathered in the gymnasium for an International Sing Along and Instrumental Performance Assembly.

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