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We Voted! Milano Vs Chocolate Chip Cookie...Who won????

Cookie Election
Ms. Aschenbrenner's Second Grade Class went through the process of an election.  The students were introduced to the two candidates: Milano and Chocolate Chip Cookie. The candidates were able to deliver there speeches and talk about why they made good candidates.

We then as a class discussed that it’s very important to understand the facts about each person, or in this case, cookie, before you make an informed decision on who/what to vote for.

Students were able to learn the facts about the two candidates for class cookie and took notes.

We went over the facts about each cookie.

Students were each given a ballot form to fill out.

Students filled in the candidates’ names and choose their favorite cookie. After making an informed
decision, they placed their ballot in the “ballot box.”

Each student was then given an “I Voted Badge” after they voted.

After each child voted, we then reflected back to when they asked their parents about how they felt after they voted. Students then provided two feeling words to describe the experience of voting and evidence as to why they felt that way.

Ballots were counted that night and the winner was announced the next morning.
The WINNER was Milano cookie!!!