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SHS Students Ronit Dhulia and Sophia Jang Selected for Partners for the Future Program

Syosset High School students Ronit Dhulia and Sophia Jang were selected for the 30th Anniversary Year of the Cold Spring Harbor Partners for the Future program, which provides an opportunity for talented Long Island high school students to gain hands-on experience in biomedical research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

At the Sheltzer Laboratory under mentor Dr. Jason Sheltzer, Ronit has been investigating a newly identified cancer dependency, a protein that many types of cancers are addicted to and cannot survive without, by looking into how it is activated. This project will help future researchers understand how this protein functions in cancer and synthesize new drugs to treat tumors.

Sophia has been working at the Pedmale Laboratory under mentor Dr. Oliver Artz.  She is studying the phenotypical expressions of two photoreceptors in Arabidopsis thaliana plants in order to identify possible interactions between different photoreceptors and experimentally confirm them.  Studying photoreceptors that impact growth, flowering, and responses to light is necessary in order to grow healthier agricultural crops on less arable lands.

While the program kicked-off on September 9, both students started working in their respective labs at the start of summer. They will present their completed research in March to an enthusiastic audience of the students’ scientific mentors, Lab administrators, parents and teachers. The District wishes Ronit and Sophia well in this esteemed program.