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Suneri Gandhi Crushes the Spring 2019 SHS Investment Challenge

The Syosset High School Investment Challenge is a virtual stock market competition that opens to all high school students. In the competition, students invest a fictitious $100,000 in real corporations over the course of a semester. When the competition ends, the Investment Club awards prizes to the top 10 finishers.

This spring, Suneri Gandhi, an outgoing senior, was able to break the club’s ten-year-record and to grow her portfolio by nearly 60%! When asked about her success in the stock market challenge, Suneri said, “I think that students should always research before buying
a stock. Additionally, I think beginners should obtain stocks they are familiar with. Students should have their eyes on their stocks on a daily basis and should not be afraid to hold on to them to avoid daily ups and downs of the market.”

The Investment Club congratulates Suneri on her incredible accomplishment and wishes her well in her future financial endeavors as she continues her studies at George Washington University!

About the Investment Club

The Investment Club, which meets Tuesdays after school in room A15, offers a wide variety of activities and competitions for students to gain financial literacy and investing skills that are important throughout their lives.