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Syosset Robotics Team Syndicate Wins FIRST Tech Challenge Regional Competition

Five Syosset robotics teams competed at the SBPLI FIRST Tech Challenge Regional Competition, with one team advancing to the World Championship in Detroit in April. The five teams competed fiercely to qualify for the play-off stages, and four teams managed to reach the finals. The teams all had good matches, but it was Syosset Syndicate who pulled off an exceptional performance to win the entire competition and qualify for the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championships in Detroit. This is the first time a Syosset Robotics Team qualified for the World Championships. We wish the team good luck as they work rigorously for the big event.

The awards and achievements at the competition are as follows:

- 6th Overall
- 2nd Runner-up Control Award

- 10th Overall
- 2nd Runner-up Think Award
- Finalists Alliance Award

- 9th Overall
- Finalists Alliance Award

- 19th Overall
- Winning Alliance Award

- 8th Overall
- Judges Award
- Runner-up Motivate Award
- Winning Alliance Award