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With a Million Dreams, HBT Eighth Graders Become High School Students!

On June 24, H.B. Thompson eighth grade students officially became Syosset High School students during a moving up ceremony held at the Tilles Center at LIU Post. With a million dreams, the students reflected on their middle school experience and looked towards a bright future.


Members of the Class of 2019 Natalie Socci and William Duguid led the presentation of colors, and Emma Silverstein led the Pledge of Allegiance. Musical performances were given by the HBT Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band, and the Eighth-Grade Graduation Chorus later performed “A Million Dreams”, underscoring the theme of the ceremony.


Class of 2019 member Dylan Wechsler served as the host of the ceremony and introduced fellow classmate Maggie Liu, who shared some of her ambitious childhood dreams with her classmates and the audience. “Our dreams may all be different, but each and every one of them is nothing short of extraordinary” said Maggie. “We were able to take a step closer to our dreams because of HBT”.


Board of Education Trustee Andrew Feldman spoke to the students, offering encouragement, advice and faith in their abilities. “Believe in yourself, be persistent, and don’t ever give up,” he advised the graduating class. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Rogers echoed the sentiment by stating to the students “You’ve got this,” and further assured them “You have within you all the attributes you need to be a success in high school”.


Students received their certificates from HBT Administrators and Guidance Counselors. Principal Kevin Bonanno congratulated the recipients of various awards for educational achievement and contributions to the community and remarked “As a class, you have accomplished greatness.”


At the conclusion of the ceremony, certificates in hand and proud smiles illuminating their faces, the newly minted Syosset High School freshmen exited the auditorium to join friends and family in celebration of their accomplishments.