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6th Grade Students Show Off Talents during HBT's 1st Virtual Talent Show!

On Thursday, May 14th team 6-1 hosted HBT's first Virtual Talent Show.  Our very own Mrs. Chambers was the master of ceremonies for this exciting event! More than 40 students attended, and 14 students showed off their amazing talents! Mr. Bonanno, as well as Southwoods Principal,  Mrs. Burget, also popped in to visit.

Mr. Kaiser premiered as the first act, sporting a wig and glasses while he played his guitar and serenaded students with his famous song, Math! Indeed a tough act to follow!  Mrs. Pisacani then filled the virtual air with a fantastic tune on her recorder. 

Next up were Mrs. Costello and her lovely daughter Hailey performing a tik tok dance!!  Mrs. Levy's daughter showed her amazing gymnastic skills.

Some of the acts included singing, flips on a trampoline, reciting Harry Potter topics, demonstrating soccer skills, playing piano and saxophone, gymnastics, and dance.  We even had an amazing tongue wave!  One student showed her artwork that inspired our next event, which will be held on 5/28 - the theme will be artistic expression!

In a time of such uncertainty, it was truly amazing to see the camaraderie among the students!  Students supported each other during the performances by "chatting" words of encouragement and compliments.  Rounds of applause were heard after each performance.