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HBT Soars at Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair 2020

HBT students had outstanding results at this year's Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair, with 19 students receiving medals. The Math Fair is a competition with two phases- the first is a research paper about a challenging math topic. The second component is a presentation about the research, which unfortunately was canceled this year. Students were therefore judged on their papers alone.

 7th Grade Bronze Medal Winners:

Om Arikkat

Connor Jin

Shri Sughan Sringanesh

Rebecca Wang


7th Grade Silver Medal Winners:

James Arachelian

Neev Bhutani

Rachel Chen

Lawrence Hon

Sumi Shah


7th Grade Gold Medal Winner:

Katherine Li


8th Grade Bronze Medal Winners:

Griffin Hon

Anish Mittal

Sidharth Rojinedar


8th Grade Silver Medal Winners:

Jamie Guo

Aryan Shah

Emily Su


8th Grade Gold Medal Winners:

Ria Mehta

Aberam Sringanesh

Ryan Wei

 Congratulations to all of our winners, who worked extremely hard and stayed positive throughout this experience!