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7th Grade Celebrates Black History Month!

On Friday, February 14th, HBT had its first ever 7th grade Black History Month Celebration! Students and staff came together to acknowledge the pain that African Americans have endured throughout history, and continue to endure today - while also celebrating their resistance to barriers forced upon them by others. 

In their 7th grade Social Studies classes, students analyzed biased perspectives about enslaved Africans from those perpetuating slavery in the North, but then resisted against those perspectives to imagine the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of enslaved individuals whose point of view is absent from the historical records. Students then worked to restore humanity to these enslaved individuals through artwork centering on their resistance. 

This celebration also extended throughout the school day. In FCS, students discovered the achievements of famous Black chefs and acknowledged their contributions to different types of American cuisine. And in music and chorus, students performed songs that centered around justice, resistance, and, above all, coming together to work towards a better world. 

The Black History Month Celebration was a moving event that brought all of these activities together for a truly multi-disciplinary and reflective experience.