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HBTV Production Studio Visits ABC Studios - The View!

On Monday, March 2nd, HBTV Production Studio’s 16 eager and excited broadcasters traveled to NYC to visit ABC Studios - The View.  Once there, students were welcomed onto the set and were in complete awe of what they saw.  

Students were given a complete tour of the studio, which included the control room, sound and lighting booth, and the actual set.  In addition, select students had the opportunity to experience “the walk on,” walking onto the stage and sitting in the exact seats as the hosts while another group manipulated the cameras!  This opportunity truly was a defining moment for all of them. 

The purpose of this trip was to provide students with an authentic experience to both encourage and empower them to think creatively and critically about the technical aspects of audio and visual production. This is in direct alignment with our vision, mission, and why statements of our unique program.

The highlight of the day was the question and answer sessions with the hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Megan McCain! 

Our experience was indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity that has made a lasting impact.