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2019-20 HBT Geography Bee Champion

The 2019-2020 HBT Geography Bee lived up to its exciting history, producing epic final and championship rounds, with eighth grader Andy Chen of the Lions capping off an incredible run of 9 consecutive correct responses to emerge as school champion. 

Other top performers included runner-up Jonathan Ke(Tigers) and third place recipient Aryan Shah (Snow Leopards), also eight graders.  Experience really mattered in this year's Geography Bee! The championship round questions which crowned Andy included: 

1.  The wreck of the last known slave ships to arrive in America was recently discovered near the Mobile, a major seaport in what state that borders the Gulf of Mexico?  (Alabama)

2.  Teenager Greta Thunberg(Toon-berg) started a global movement bringing attention to climate change when she protested outside of her country's Parliament House, located in the Gamla Stan district of what Swedish city? (Stockholm)