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Seventh Grade Students Breakout and Save Holiday Break!

Students on Team 7-1 participated in an Escape Room Breakout on the day preceding the holiday break. The day began with a video which "caught" Mr. Lucano being very Grinch like and  canceling holiday break. Mrs. Hachadoorian then stole back the "Key to HBT" from Mr. Lucano so the students could go home. The team teachers hid the key and created puzzles and clues to help them find it and breakout in time for vacation. 

The students then worked together to solve the clues that included "Holidays of the 13 Colonies", Sweet Candy Math, as well as Properties of Matter and The Outsiders.  Using their problem solving skills along with UV light pens and secret decoders they moved their way through the clues until they found the key; even singing Jingle Bells to Mr. Lucano to grow his heart three sizes. 

In  the end a few groups solved the breakout, and everyone had a great time.  Even though it wasn't always an easy task, the students showed perseverance and used their collaboration skills with great success.