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HBT Participates in Red Ribbon Week!

Red Ribbon Week is a time in which schools across the country engage youth in discussions about the importance of making positive life choices and avoiding drug and alcohol abuse.  This past week, the Peer Leadership Club and its advisor, Alison deLauzon, helped our HBT community integrate this year’s national Red Ribbon Week theme, “Send a Message. Stay Drug Free”  throughout our school and our daily activities. Students and staff participated in theme days to show spirit and to support the overall message of staying drug free. Each day, HBTV reinforced Red Ribbon Week with daily facts about the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products. 

Another opportunity to emphasize the importance of Red Ribbon Week, students and faculty met in an extended advisory to have purposeful, meaningful dialogue about positive decision making and staying drug free. During this period, all students signed a pledge to make decisions against drugs and allow for their best overall health, safety, and well-being. On Thursday, during their lunch periods, students in all grades were able to take part in a “Design Your Own Red Ribbon” activity where they were able to use their creativity to reinforce the message . Their completed ribbons will be on display, along with the schoolwide pledges, for all to see and as a reminder of the commitment they made to stay drug free. 

As a final send off to Red Ribbon Week, students in the Peer Leadership Club “chalked” the sidewalks with positive messages and reminders to make healthy decisions and stay drug free. As school, all of us at HBT are proud to take part in Red Ribbon Week and, as a community, we are proud to support an initiative that focuses on the overall health, well-being, and long term success of our students.