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6th Grade Project Beyond Visits Hudson Yards

On Thursday, Oct 10th, 6th grade Project Beyond students visited Hudson Yards as part of their unit studying the architectural triumph. Students had the opportunity to speak with the chief engineer of 10 Hudson Yards, along with two of his engineers and two representatives of Related Companies. 

Students learned the key energy efficiency and environmental sustainability features of the Yards, and explored the buildings and the Plaza. The highlight was climbing the Vessel, Hudson Yards' landmark. The students were impressed and grateful for the opportunity- "This is the best field trip I've ever had!", "I am so happy I got to see this place. Now I really understand how amazing and futuristic it is."

Using what they learned about sustainable architecture and green energy from the trip and studying Hudson Yards in class, students will work in groups to create their own versions of a ‘City in a City’, designing neighborhoods in major cities around the world. Some cities include Dublin, Abu Dhabi, San Francisco, and Oslo.