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Walt Whitman Science Bonanza

Walt Whitman students had the opportunity to showcase their unique scientific talents by becoming creative scientists. These students were challenged with defining real-world problems, planning and creating solutions to this problem, and developing and communicating the best design to solve these problems. They engaged in inspirational and innovative processes to solve everyday challenges. Some of these topics included:

  • designing lighting systems
  • developing ideas on how to clean up oil spills
  • designing and developing plant packages to help with plant growth
  • making robots using coding techniques
  • inventing games

Other scientists were inspired to think creatively and become inventors. The inventions showcased created solutions to help make life easier. This included:

  • designing marvelous machines to make chores easier
  • developing convenient tools to help meet TSA travel requirements
  • creating mindful practice tools using household products

Additional scientist across all grade levels explored science experiments connected to their grade level curriculum. These experiments that provided insight to cause and effect relationships, which included:

  • weather
  • sound waves
  • gravity
  • nutrient and health
  • magnetic fields
  • animal behaviors
  • aerodynamics
  • chemical reactions
  • effects of distracted driving

The Science Bonanza was a great opportunity for the Walt Whitman community to experience the application of 21st Century Skills in the real world.