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Forty-six Syosset High School Students Selected for NYSSMA All-State

Forty-six Syosset High School student-musicians were selected as 2023 New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) All-State musicians. Sixteen of the students were selected to participate in All-State Ensembles. They will have the opportunity to work with world-class conductors for three days, leading  up to a performance at the historic Eastman Theater in Rochester during the NYSSMA Winter Conference this December.

Congratulations to Syosset High School’s 2023 NYSSMA All-State Musicians:

Aaron Liu (Bb Clarinet), Andre Hwang (Violin), Avery Aaronson (French Horn),  Ayan Khazanchi (Bassoon), Ben Floman (Double Bass), Benjamin Hasselbring (Jazz Tenor Trombone), Blesson        Ren (Chorus), Boaz Gluck (Bari Sax), Braden Moran (Composition), Brian Kim (Violin), Cadence Chen (Viola), Chase Aaronson (Trumpet), Cody Cheng (Cello), Daniel Ji (Cello), Elizabeth Shyer (Jazz Bari Sax), Emily Tang (Alto Sax), Emma  Hong (Violin), Grace Duguid (Trombone), Hagan Lu (Violin), Hayley Ji (Chorus), Helena  Zhang (Cello), Jesse Namkoong (Tenor Sax), Jessica Lubell (Percussion), Joanna Turcinovic (Chorus), Julia Rhee (Viola), Justin       Greenberg (Cello), Kate Lin (Viola), Katherine Li (Cello), Kelly Ahn (Piccolo), Kyle Hsieh (Bb Clarinet), Margaret Zhang (Chorus), Maria DiBello (Chorus), Nicole Christy (Oboe/English Horn), Raia Honig (Chorus), Ryan Si (Bb Clarinet), Ryan Wei (Cello), Sabina Kim (Cello), Sally Jamieson (Chorus), Simonne Lim (Violin), Spencer Galfunt (Tenor Sax/Bassoon), Stanley Zheng (Bb Clarinet), Theodore Gaeta (Chorus), Veyd Trivedi (Double Bass), Wendy Yin (Oboe), Winston Zhou (Violin), and Xinyi Zhang (Cello).