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School Start Time Survey

School Start Time Survey
The District has extensively studied the challenges associated with establishing a later high school start time. Research shows that older adolescents may benefit from more sleep, but rearranging busing to do so will have a ripple effect that impacts every other school. 

We engaged a consultant to lay out all scenarios that were financially and logistically practical for shifting our school start times to benefit our students. Now we’re seeking the community’s input on these proposals to inform our consideration. You can find a full fact sheet, which includes those proposals, at this link.

To gather your feedback, we are using an online tool named ThoughtExchange which will provide everyone an opportunity to share their perspectives. All voices matter, and your participation is crucial and valued. 

Please click here to participate in the Thought Exchange

At this link, you will find descriptions of all proposed start time scenarios and be asked to rate which one appeals most to you. You will then have a chance to rate the thoughts of others. This exchange will be open to all members of the Syosset learning community, including residents, staff, community members and students. Please be mindful that the responses you contribute, though anonymous, will be displayed for everyone to see, and remember that this is a wonderful opportunity for adults to model respectful communication for the younger community members who are also participating.