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Student Council Leads Us On Constitution Day

South Grove celebrated Constitution Day with the installation of our 2019 – 2020 Student Council. The entire school came together for our second assembly of the year. Our Color Guard opened our program and then we all joined together to sing South Grove’s school song. We heard inspiring words from our school principal, Ms. An, our Student Council advisors, Mrs. Bozza and Mrs. Mancuso, and our Student Council president, fifth grader Erika Ahn. We were honored to have Judge Summa officially swear in our Student Council representatives.  We also had an extra special guest, Grover, the school’s mascot. After the Student Council representatives took their oath, the entire student and faculty also took an oath. Everyone will be signing over-sized constitutions as a visible reminder of our commitment, and parents were also asked to make the same oath:

We the people of South Grove School in order to form a more perfect community, establish a respectful environment, ensure individual responsibility, and promote the general safety and well-being of ALL citizens, do enact and establish this Constitution for South Grove School: Be respectful and Be responsible.



A group are on a stage, words to the school songare displayed above their heads.


A groupf of students are on the stage, the words to the SOuth Grove Consitution are displayed behind them.


A fifth grade girl is at the lecturn, as her advisor adjust the microphone.


School rules are displayed behind cildren: Be respectful and Be responsible.



Grover, a tiger mascot, waves form the stage.