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South Grove Celebrates International Week

South Grove celebrates International Week! Students in K- 3 classrooms were excited to welcome in parents to share an aspect of their culture. Parents read stories, shared artifacts, facilitated crafts and organized games for the students. Several fifth graders also offered Brown Bags for second and third grad students. These in-school activities were a perfect complement to the PTA’s dynamic Heritage Night. We loved celebrating the richness of the cultural fabric that makes up the South Grove learning community.


Our Wonderful Parents!

A mother and her daughter and the Indian flag.

A mother and her daughter are showing traditional Indian dress

A mother and her son, another boy and a Greek book

Mother and son are reading a book

A mother and daughter are reading a book

A mother and son are reading abook

A mother, father & daughter are showing posters from their culture

Parents pose with a third grade class

A mother, son and book

Mother, daughter & book

Mother shares a poster

A class poses with signs that show their name in Hindi

A mother and son share a book

 A mother, her daughter and three other girls

A mother and daughter read a book