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Special Assembly : Who Let The Dogs Out?!

The entire South Grove school came together for a special assembly to celebrate Acts of Kindness (in honor of Valentine’s Day and World Kindness Day) and the 101st day of school.

The assembly opened with the spinning of South Grove’s “Wheel o’ Fun”. This is a monthly tradition at South Grove. Students chanted “Spin That Wheel” as our Geo Bee winner spun the wheel and revealed the prize:  a school wide Bingo game with prizes.

Next, Mrs. Mancuso shared a few of the 1001 acts of kindness that students had exhibited. There was a smile on everyone’s face as we heard about all the kind acts and then the door burst open and it was …


Cruella de Vil !


Cruella had come for her puppies, our kindergarten and first grade students who were all dressed adorably as Dalmatian puppies. Luckily, as Cruella (aka Dr. Conklin, one of our music teachers) made her way up the aisle some of our students stood and shared a kind compliment with Cruella. Gradually, Cruella’s heart was softened by South Grove’s kindness and she set the puppies free. This led to our kindergarten and first grade “puppies” singing and dancing to “Who Let The Dogs Out?” Cruella then invited everyone to join in!


This was a wonderful celebration of community, kindness and cuteness!


spin that wheel

They get ready to spin wheel

A teacher speaks on mic

Cruella enters

puppies dance

audeience dances

a class hanging out with each others