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Fourth Grade Time Travels Back To Colonial America

South Grove’s fourth grade traveled back in time to Colonial America! To extend and enrich the students study of American History, students participated in our annual Colonial Day Curriculum Celebration. 

Dressed for the part, students were assigned to one of five small groups: English, Loyalists, Patriots, Dutch or Walloons. Members of the fourth grade instructional team facilitated various hands-on stations: Silhouettes, Candle Making, Stick Game, Whirligig Game and Colonial Dance. Students rotated through the stations and tried their hand with the Colonial – era activity. 

Rather than Ben Franklin, South Grove welcomed Mr. Richard Slesinski, one of the Physics teachers at the high school and Mr. Ray Loverso, our district’s Science Coordinator. They came and gave an exciting presentation on electricity. Even the students’ specials were Colonial-themed. The World Language and Music teacher collaborated and the students also experienced Colonial Music, learning about the European influence and early musical instruments. The Physical Education teachers also facilitated Colonial era games for the fourth graders, such as hop scotch, wheel and stick, etc.

This fun-filled day was made even more exciting by being able to share part of the day with aprents. The fourth grade team was excited to share this enjoyable and enriching day with students’ parents in recognition of American Education Week.  

A teacher leading fourth grade students making a whirligig

Students creating talking sticks

Making talking sticks

A oy tracing his mom's profile

A man giving s presentation on electricity

Children making candles

colonial dancing

Colonial dancing

Daughter and father

science presentation