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Winter Festivities

South Grove said goodbye to 2019 with a day of winter festivities. Students in grades 3 – 5 were greeted with the staff singing winter songs and a flurry of “snow.” Each grade made time to celebrate in their own special way. Kindergarten students were joined by their families to create Gingerbread Houses. Fourth grade watched Polar Express, which put everyone in a holiday mood and was also a culmination of an author study. Class parents provided hot chocolate for many of the classes. The entire school came together in the afternoon for an assembly. There were winter song sing-a-longs, with each grade taking a starring role with fun props. It was also a chance to say our final goodbye to our retiring beloved school secretary, Mrs. Kregler. Then, as we do every month, we spun the “Wheel of Fun.” The prize for the month of January was revealed: Move or Movie. Students will have a chance to either participate in a recess time dance party (Move) or a recess time movie. To end the upbeat assembly, Principal An took us on a time travel trip to New Year’s Eve. With a handful of confetti ready to go, together we counted down….10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…Happy New Year!

South Grove wishes all of our families a happy and healthy 2020!


Fourth grade students are lyingon towels ready for a movie

 A girl and her gingerbreadhouse

Four fifth graders are holding poster in fron of a screen that has jingle bells lyrics.


Three students are holding up posters of marshmallows in front of a screen that has songs to a marsmallow song.


Six students on ringing bells in fron of a screen that has song lyrics.


A woman is spinning the "Wheel of Fun"


A screen says 2020 with fireworks


 A group of students throwing confetti