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Fourth Grade Enrichment

South Grove’s fourth graders participated in a special enrichment experience: American Indians Enrichment Mini-Clusters. In an effort to tap the children’s interests and develop a strong foundation for learning, we encouraged them to select areas of study from their American Indian Social Studies curriculum they are especially interested in exploring. Each cluster or workshop was led by a member of the South Grove instructional team. The children developed expertise in their selected area of interest and engaged in hands-on activities. This type of programming emanates from the field of gifted education; we are proud to offer it to all our students as part of our school wide enrichment program.

There were eight different clusters offered. Students were guided to use their Decision Making Talent to help them select the clusters they were most interested in, and were placed in one of their top choices. The eight different choices were: Clay Pots, Dream Catchers, Wampum, Rain Sticks, Cooking, Sand Painting, STEM Challenge and Dance of the American Indians.           

Students are making clay pots          

Students are dancing Two boys are building a tepee out of sticks A girl is creating a dream catcher A boy is making a sand painting A boy is making a clay pot