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Spaghetti Math

To celebrate American Education Week, South Grove’s Fifth Grade was excited to welcome families in for a special curriculum project: Spaghetti Math. Many of our fifth grade students’ family members were able to join us for this special STEM activity. Small teams of students and adults worked collaboratively to design the tallest and most cost effective tower able to support a ping pong ball, using nothing more than spaghetti, marshmallows and masking tape. Groups of students and adults planned their structures, creating sketches of their designs. Each team began with a “starting package” of supplies, but were also able to “purchase” additional supplies. A team member would first need to have their team’s math calculations checked by the Challenge Coordinator before purchasing additional supplies from the Building Supply Headquarters. Towers were awarded points based on the structure’s height and cost. Students were adding, subtracting, multiply and diving decimals as they built their towers. Both children and adults enjoyed this interactive math extension.

Two fifth grade boys and their dad are showcasing their tower.  Two fifth grade girls are standing on charis to work on their towers.  Two boys and a mom are planning their tower. Two boys are working on their tower Two girls and their tower