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Third Grade kicked off their Reading/Writing Unit with an Interactive Mystery

It’s no mystery that South Grove third graders love mysteries!

An enriching cross-cutting initiative was developed to launch the third grade mystery reading/writing unit.  Each of the third grade classes had 3 different hands-on Mystery Lab Stations in their classroom. Students tested the interaction between vinegar and various powders in the Chemistry station, deciphered a code in the Mirror Writing area, and solved a problem in the Puzzle station. The results from each station were recorded on a Lab Report that was brought to the South Grove Mystery Investigation Headquarters located in the third grade hallway. Once the Lab Report was checked for accuracy, students received an envelope with a clue. Each class needed to use the 3 clues earned by their station groups to discover the code that unlocked their Mystery Box. Inside the Mystery Box were students’ “official” Detective Badges and an invitation to move to another location. Once all the teams made it successfully to this location, the unit was officially launched with a brief mystery video. 


Two girls are using a mirror to read a secret message.  


A group of students are receiving a clue envelope.



Students are getting their detective badges.