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Young Inventors Shine at the STEM Fair

Robbins Lane students impressed everyone at the annual STEM Fair on March 12.  It was the culmination of weeks of hard work for the 3rd-5th grade participants of the STEM Fair club.  In the STEM Fair club, participants create inventions that solve their everyday problems. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

To kick off preparations for the STEM Fair, student inventors shared examples of previously completed projects from past years in an assembly for grades 3-5.  Then, interested participants were asked to brainstorm ideas of their own during STEM Club meetings. Students were taught that the STEM process of design is equally as important as the product they create. 

Each young inventor recorded their ideas and ongoing process in a science journal or data diary. Children learned to diagram their ideas, construct a prototype, test their invention, and revise, as necessary. 

Then, the big day arrived on March 12, when our young inventors proudly showcased their inventions and display boards at the annual Robbins Lane STEM Fair. There, they enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate how their inventions solve problems.  Every class at Robbins Lane had the opportunity to visit the STEM Fair to see their incredible projects.  Student inventors are elated to showcase their projects to family, friends, and the entire Syosset community.

STEM FAIR COORDINATORS: Tyler Gentilcore and Genna Murray

Two teachers smiling with four STEM Fair student participants

Two students smiling in front of their STEM Fair project display