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Play Day at Robbins Lane!

For the first time at Robbins Lane, students and faculty participated in Global Play Day on February 6, 2019.  Global Playday started in 2015 when 65,000 students participated around the world to raise awareness about the necessity of unstructured play.  This year, Robbins Lane was very enthusiastic to become a part of this important movement!  535,690 students from 72 nations played all day in school.

There were some important rules for the day:  No screens, no devices, no toys with batteries and no structure - all day long!  Students and faculty came prepared to play and create by bringing toys and craft supplies from home.  We all discovered how much fun cardboard boxes can be with just a little imagination, and how much we all can enjoy each other's company through play.  Everyone had a creative, fun day!

Six students creating a house out of a cardboard box

Two kindergarteners smiling while class plays a guessing game

Six students cutting boxes for projects

Five students sitting on the floor playing with a marble tower building toy