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Author Rachel Vail visits 7th Graders

Rachel Vail, author of over 40 novels, visited 7th graders at South Woods Middle School on Monday, October 7, 2019.  Vail regaled students with stories of her middle school years in which she experienced both the awkwardness and awe of growing up.  Vail expressed to the students that many of these stories have become the source of much of her writing and that they too, can use their life experiences for their own story ideas.


Throughout the day, select students had the opportunity to meet with Vail in a small group setting.  In these sessions, Vail talked about her writing process and craft as well as some tips and tricks students can use in their own writing.   She also discussed what she calls her “Big Five Questions” (who am I; what do I want; who's stopping me; why; what's at risk?) in relation to the short story “Thirteen and a Half,” the mentor text for our current Teacher’s College writing unit .  Overall, Rachel Vail proved to be as engaging and enthralling as the stories she writes!