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South Woods Scores twelfth Place in the New York State Science Olympiad Competition

South Woods took 12th place in the New York State Science Olympiad competition out of the 242 teams in the state that competed. There were Thirty-nine teams in the Science Olympiad Competition at Minoa High School in East Syracuse on April 5-6th. Only the first and second place schools can go on to the Nationals. It was an amazing competition with South Woods winning 25 medals.

The team members were Danny Chan, Timmy Chan, Tina Chen, Kyle Cheng, Shivane Dadi, Darius Fan, Evelyn Feusi, Evelyn Hwang, Jesse Lebolt, Anika Nayak, Ketan Raghu, Alex Wang, Ann Zhang and Tina Zhang. The alternates were Alex Chen, Jennifer Israel, Aidan Kim, Gabriel Kim, Parker Kim, Ryan Leung and Brian Ling. 

Kyle Cheng and Darius Fan won second place in Boomilever and Danny Chan and Timmy Chan won second place in Roller Coaster. Evelyn Feusi and Alex Wang won second place in water Quality. Tina Chen and Evelyn Feusi won third place in Herpetology and Jesse Lebolt, Evelyn Feusi and Darius Fan won third place in Science Technology. Jesse Lebolt and Danny Chan won fourth place in Dynamic Planet. Anika Nayak and Alex Wang won sixth place in Crime Busters and Alex Wang and Ketan Raghu won seventh place for Density Lab. Timmy Chan and Ann Zhang won seventh place for Fossils. Alex Wang and Tina Chen won eighth place for Circuit Lab and Danny Chan and Timmy Chan won eighth place for Road Scholar. Alex Wang and Kyle Cheng won tenth place for Disease Detective.

Coach Linda Stollow is extremely proud of the hard work and all the determination from these dedicated students.