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Washington DC Information

September 12th Update:

Roommate forms are past due.  If you have not submitted your roommate form to Ms. Zangari or your social studies teacher - please do so as soon as possible.  

September 7th Update:

As of Friday, September 9th, no new registrations will be accepted for our Washington, D.C. trip that is scheduled for November 2nd-4th, 2022. If you have not paid up to date as of yet, payment for the trip is past due and should be rectified immediately on the Gerber Tours Website.

In the event your child requires medication while on the trip, the proper form must be on file with the district and the school nurse. Please complete the form no later than October 1st, 2022. Forms are located at the bottom of this section of the website. 

Students have received a roommate request form in their Social Studies class. Please return that signed form to school by September 9th, 2022. 

Any questions regarding rooming can be directed to Ms. Zangari




We are so excited to announce that the 8th grade Washington DC trip will take place November 2 - 4, 2022.

All current 7th grade students received information regarding the field trip on May 23rd in their social studies classes. This information includes an overnight fieldtrip form that must be signed and returned to your child's social studies teacher.

This trip will cost $750.00 per student. This price includes:
• two nights lodging
• two buffet breakfasts
• one lunch on the return trip
• two dinners
• luxury Coach bus transportation
• tour guides
• admission to all museums, historical sites, and tours
• overnight security

We are working with Gerber Tours to develop an itinerary to include Capitol Hill, Smithsonian Museums, many monuments and memorials, Holocaust Museum, African American Museum and Arlington National Cemetery (changing of the guard, tomb of the unknown soldier, etc.).

Gerber Tours is offering cancellation insurance for a cost of $25 per child. We strongly urge you to read through the policy carefully and consider taking the insurance. Please note that this cost, along with the $150.00 registration fee collected by Gerber Tours is non-refundable. All student rooming information will be available in October of 2022.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Main Office at (516) 364-5621.




Additional Information, May 24th:



  • While the tour company materials indicate June 1st as the deadline, this is a “soft” deadline for planning purposes (number of buses, hotel rooms, tour reservations, chaperones, etc.). You may register as late as July 1st, and even later registrations may be considered on an individual basis.  Please make every effort to make your initial payment by July 1st. 


  • Prior to the close of school, Ms. Zangari, our teacher trip coordinator and some experienced 8th grade chaperones will visit 7th grade classes to provide more details for students about the trip and give students the opportunity to ask questions. 


  • The SWMS Administrative Team will meet with 7th grade students to review the Code of Conduct and reinforce our behavioral expectations for the trip.  This will include reviewing the rules of the sites to be visited, the expectations for conduct on board tour buses and in the hotel, the use of social media, and the consequences for any misbehavior, including trip removal.  Disrespect of persons or property during the trip will not be tolerated. 


  • We urge you to take the trip insurance.  We have been organizing this trip for over twenty years, and we know the importance of this individual protection.  


  • Room assignments will take place next fall.  No room requests will be entertained this school year. Please know that quad rooms are the only available rooming option.


In the event your child requires medication while on the trip, this form must be on file with the district.  Please complete the form no later than October 1st, 2022. 



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