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Let's Collaborate! Science Brings Together Fifth and First Grade Students!

Fifth and first grade students joined together to work on a Science Unit!  Both grade levels shared a unit on Space and Earth Systems; more specifically the Earth, Sun and Moon system.  After completing these units, teams comprised of both first grade and fifth grade students were given a topic to focus on, and instructed to create a model to demonstrate their term.

Topics included:

  • How the sun appears to move across the sky
  • Rotation and Revolution
  • Amount of daylight during the year
  • How the moon appears to move across the sky
  • Moon phases

Fifth grade students shared their expertise in both science and technology to help first graders make their vision come to life!  First graders really looked up to their older peers! Fifth graders took pride in their leadership, while at the same time further applying the knowledge they had gained in their studies.


5th graders working on a project with 1st graders.



Working Together!