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Fifth Graders at Willits Chose Their Own Adventure By Participating in Genius Hour!


Fifth graders at Willits participated in Genius Hour!  Students were given the opportunity to look at the world around them and explore their own unique interests.  They chose what they wanted to study and how they wanted to study it.  Students also chose what they wanted to produce or create.  Genius hour promoted inquiry, research, creativity, and self-directed learning!  As a result, these “Passion Projects” were amazing and “Sharing Day” was inspiring!            


Examples of Various Genius Hour Ideas Included:

INQUIRY:   How might I make a solution that can help blend paint?

PROJECT:   “Get Artsy With Me” paint solution and website.


INQUIRY:   How might a customer make a customized sneaker?

PROJECT:  “Wacky Customized Sneakers” kit and website.


INQUIRY:   How might I create a device to help basketball players improve their skills?

PROJECT:   SENSE-A-SPORT- sensor device located in a sweatband on your wrist.


INQUIRY:   How might I create an app that can help organize my calendar?

PROJECT:   ARE YOU FREE? A phone app that allows you to schedule plans with friends electronically.


INQUIRY:   How might I filter out the bad chemicals in the oceans?

PROJECT:   Ocean Filtration System- a water vacuum.


INQUIRY:   How might I create a mural that can travel around the world?

PROJECT:   Artist-created scene travels around the world to all 7 continents.



Student next to his Genius Hour Project.   Students are proud of their Genuis Hour Projects on Sharing Day.   Students enjoying each others projects.    Sharing Day- Student comments on a project.   Sharing Day- Student enjoying a friend's project!   Genius Hour Project   Sharing Day- Student enjoying a friend's project!   Sharing Day- Genius Hour Project.   Sharing Day- Students enjoying a friend's project!