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Creating the "HEART" of Willits with Artist in Residence John DiNaro.

A.P. Willits hosted John DiNaro as an artist-in-residence at the end of March.  He enthusiastically guided our students in a creative collaborative beautification project for our school!   John DiNaro is an accomplished artist, specializing in creative wood sculptures.  He visits many schools and works with students on various projects.  

DiNaro worked closely with Stephanie Yanantuono, our talented art teacher and all students K-5 to envision the theme for our brand new instillation! Every student contributed to the project; from sketching, creating patterns, adding detail, shape, and color! Our students learned proper brush work and were inspired by our artist!   With the completion of the artist-in-residence project, the main hallway at Willits has been beautifully transformed with a huge wooden mural showcasing the “heart” of Willits: “PATIENCE, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY, and EMPATHY.”

Thank you to the PTA Arts and Education Committee, who supported this enriching experience.  This unique project is sure to have a lasting impact on our school for years to come, and once again exemplifies the school-community partnership that makes Willits such a special place.  

The real-world experience gained by being involved in a large project that benefits Willits school will be something that will always be remembered by all students, teachers, and staff.  It was truly a special and rewarding experience for all!


Snowman Hallway Display At Willits School


WILLITS' New Hallway!

Stay tuned for the digital addition to our display coming soon!


Capturing the Process:

Students sketching the theme for the project. John DiNaro teaches painting with a brush on wood. Students painting.

Students painting with John DiNaro Students painting. Students painting.

Installing the display. Art pieces created to be placed on the display. The "HEART" of Willits. Installing the word "WILLITS." Flowers being placed onto the wall. More Flowers being placed on the wall.

The completion of the wall at Willits.