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  • In addition to the many exciting learning activities the teachers are planning for February, we also have two major across-school efforts this month. The kick off for the Science Spectacular occurred in January and the students should be really moving into high gear regarding their projects now. Early morning support sessions will begin this month and we look forward to the Science Spectacular (aka Science and Technology Fair) on March 10th. Additionally, PARP is occurring in February. The theme for this year is "The Animal Kingdom of Kindness" and the PTA has lined up an author to lead a series of workshops with the children, as well as, designed a series of daily activities. The winner of the big raffle at the end of the week will win four passes to the Bronx Zoo!
    On a less enjoyable note, we have spent much of January worrying about both students and staff with regards to the flu and other illnesses that seem to be taking a toll on the community. As I tell the staff, and I hope you do the same with your children and selves, please, please take an extra day to rest and recover when you have had the flu or other debilitating illness. Rushing back to work or school, when you are at less than your best, often leads to a relapse and potentially infects other community members. We want everyone to be healthy, as it is hard to be happy when you don't feel well. Keep washing your hands- cracked skin is better than having a fever, cold or worse. 
    Be well and enjoy!
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    Welcome to Village School, where we believe what it says on our tee shirts, “The School is the Heart of Every Village.”


    Working closely together, the staff, parents and children are able to create a learning environment that is safe and inclusive of all and enables our children to grow educationally, socially and emotionally while being a respected member of the community. We all work together to make young people wonder and think about possibilities. With words we mold minds. With deeds, we touch hearts. Together we work in the present, but are happy to create the future.


    We are pleased to welcome you into our community and look forward to enjoying your participation.