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  • Our entire Village community was designated as Character Trait award winners this month. In March, we celebrated perseverance and certainly we have all persevered through an incredibly difficult time. Sadly, we were forced to cancel many of our community's favorite events. Students, parents and staff members are all navigating distance learning together and working closely to help each member of the community feel successful. While it is natural to feel a great deal of stress as our entire society moves through this pandemic and its repercussions, please remember that what matters most is we all retain our optimism and feeling of self-worth. If our children do not make the typical academic progress during this time, and remain healthy and positive about their future, then our community will have succeeded as a whole. 
    With that thought in mind, April's Character Trait is optimism. I am hopeful, that just as in March, our entire Village community can be award winners this month, by keeping our heads up, believing we are stronger than the present circumstances and knowing we will come out the other side intact and together. 
    I am asking every member (parents and older siblings too) of our Village School community to send me an email ( and post to each of their students' Google Classrooms a word for the jar. Thanks to one of our teachers, Christine O'Brien for the idea. She is suggesting "cheerful" for her and I will go with "jubilant". We may have to "fake it til we make it" and I'm willing to try. 
    Thank you all for every effort you are making on behalf of our children and community. Let's stay together and connected!
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    Welcome to Village School, where we believe what it says on our tee shirts, “The School is the Heart of Every Village.”


    Working closely together, the staff, parents and children are able to create a learning environment that is safe and inclusive of all and enables our children to grow educationally, socially and emotionally while being a respected member of the community. We all work together to make young people wonder and think about possibilities. With words we mold minds. With deeds, we touch hearts. Together we work in the present, but are happy to create the future.


    We are pleased to welcome you into our community and look forward to enjoying your participation.