District staff is available to support our parents and guardians during the emergency school closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click below to access a presentation by District behavior analysts William McCabe, MSEd, BCBA and Marissa Zoffranieri, MSEd, BCBA that outlines helpful resources and strategies to support our families during this difficult time. Should you have any questions or need additional support, please email syossetsupport@syossetschools.org

    Navigating the "New Normal": Adjusting our Lives in Uncertain Times

  • SEL & Behavioral Resources
  • COVID-19 Social Stories
  • Self-Regulation
  • Talking to Your Child About COVID-19
  • Play, Movement, Mindfulness
  • SEL Resources for Adults
  • Mental Health Support Resources
  • Apps, Videos and Fun Activities
  • Click Here to see how SHS Students Have Fun at Home!

    If your child is in need of some Virtual Peer Tutoring, our National Honor Society students are available to help!

    Complete this request form, and your child will then be paired with an NHS Peer Tutor. Please be sure to read through all of the information provided in the form as well.

    Easy at-home activities ideal for early childhood (ages 5 and under), courtesy of the LICM.

    • Kids can cook as we make Uncrustables with Miss Ashley. Special thanks to our partners Cohen Children's Medical Center and the Kohl's Keeping Kids Healthy Program.
    • Give discarded food boxes a second life with these educational games.
    • Hear "Benjamin Birdie's First Flight" by Long Island author Michael Dotsikas, and make pretend binoculars for your birdwatching adventures in this video.
    • Listen and dance along with our Music and Movement sampling. The chick theme honored the baby chicks that hatched and grew throughout April at LICM.