• Community Flyers

    Community organizations may request to have information flyers distributed to families with students registered in the district.

    All flyers are distributed electronically as a courtesy and are subject to review and approval by the Public Information Office. All flyers must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Must be from a community organization within the Town of Oyster Bay that serves the students of the Syosset Central School District.
    • Must be from a not-for-profit organization.
    • Is not for a regularly scheduled meeting that is on the District calendar. Special District/ PTA meetings and events are acceptable.
    • Does not promote an entity or individual. The name of a company may only appear in the flyer if it is the actual location at which the activity takes place. The name of a professional or expert may appear in order to inform the community of the service being offered.
    • Does not contain any advertisements.
    • Does not promote an activity that is violent in nature or may be performed to cause injury. i.e. activities such as those using a shotgun or rifle
    • Is not an advertisement for a college or university.
    • Does not contain students' names or images.
    • Does not contain religious or political content.
    • Clearly states the intention of the organization or activity. i.e. "It's not what you think!" would not be accepted.
    • Is not a fundraiser.

    Please send all flyers for consideration at least 48-hours in advance of your event or registration deadline. 
    The District will only send out one email per event. Reminder emails will not be sent.

    Contact the Public Information Office at (516) 364-5836 for more information.