• Community Flyers

    Community organizations may request to have information flyers distribtuted to families with students registered in the district.

    All flyers are distributed electronically as a courtesy and are subject to review and approval by the Public Information Office. All flyers must adhere to the following guidlines:

    • Must be from a community organization within the Town of Oyster Bay that serves the students of the Syosset Central School District.
    • Must be from a not-for-profit organization.
    • Is not for a regularly scheduled meeting that is on the District calendar. Special District/ PTA meetings and events are acceptable.
    • Does not promote an entity or individual. The name of a company may only appear in the flyer if it is the actual location at which the activity takes place. The name of a professional or expert may appear in order to inform the community of the service being offered.
    • Does not contain any advertisements.
    • Does not promote an activity that is violent in nature or may be performed to cause injury. i.e. activities such as those using a shotgun or rifle
    • Is not an advertisement for a college or university.
    • Does not contain students' names or images.
    • Does not contain religious or political content.
    • Clearly states the intention of the organization or activity. i.e. "It's not what you think!" would not be accepted.
    • Is not a fundraiser.


    Please contact the Public Information Office at (516) 364-5836 for more information.