• Syosset Summer School 2019




    General Information:  Summer School schedules will be available on the Parent Portal begining July 3, 2019. Course offerings are limited.  Once a course is closed, no wait lists will be established and no additional sections created.  Courses will be offered only if there is sufficient registration.  In the event of insufficient registration, classes may be cancelled or combined.  Pre-registration and registration will be open only to legal RESIDENTS of Syosset Central School District who are under 21 years of age and who meet the specific requirements for the course they wish to take. Non-residents will not be eligible for Syosset Summer School, Walk-in Regents.  Pre-registration by mail upon receipt of this brochure is strongly recommended.  Registrations will not be accepted without a postmark. Any hand delivered registration will be given last consideration.  In-person registration is recommended for high school students only.  For additional registration information, please call the Summer School office at 837-8989.


    Fees: Pre-registration/registration fee is $3.00. The fee is for registration and processing and is not refundable. Fees may be paid by check only and made payable to Syosset Central School District.


    Dates:  All classes begin on Monday, July 8.  All classes end on Friday, August 16.  Regents’ exams will be given on Tuesday, August 13 and Wednesday, August 14 according to the State Schedule.


    Location: All classes will meet at HBT Middle School.