• 8th to 9th Grade Transition Overview
    To prepare eighth grade students for their journey to Syosset High School, the District has developed a comprehensive program designed to ensure students and their families have the necessary information, a network of support and a successful foundation that empowers them to take advantage of the wealth of academic and co-curricular opportunities available at Syosset High School. 

  • Guiding Principles

    • Every child can maximize their potential and build a schedule that recognizes and builds upon individual strengths.

    • Syosset High School has four years of opportunity, with multiple “on ramps” to advanced coursework.

    • Students should be kind to themselves in 9th grade and strive to create a balanced schedule!

    • Teachers and counselors know and love the students and the academic program. They are a great source of support. 

    • Syosset High School has something for everyone!
  • Events 
    Emails will be sent to parents/ guardians with information for meetings being held virtually.

    Middle School Guidance Classroom Lessons
    Middle School Teachers Recommend Core Courses
    Incoming Grade 9 Student/Parent Orientation and Elective Fair
    Verifications in Campus Backpack
    Teacher Reacher opens for conference bookings
    SEPTA Meeting focused on transition
    Guidance conferences with parents and students
    Parent/Teacher conferences
    Daytime Incoming 9th Grade Parent Only Orientation