• World Languages
    Coordinator: Dr. David Balsamo


    The goal of studying a World Language is to be able to communicate in the target language. Students in our language program work to gain proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Cultural understanding, a key part of effective communication, is also emphasized throughout the curriculum. The World Languages program at Syosset follows the New York State syllabus for Languages Other Than English. The curriculum is based on the state standards for Checkpoints A, B, and C. Each Checkpoint includes similar topics, but grammatical structures become more complex at each level, thereby developing increasing communicative skills of students.


    Studying a World Language is a critical part of a student’s high school academic experience and an important part of being an educated person. In addition to communicative benefits, studying a foreign language is an essential part of a developing a favorable transcript for college. Taking a language class during all four years of high school is seen by many as being as important as consistently studying any other core discipline. Since language learning is cumulative in nature, it is best to study the same language throughout high school, perhaps continuing on into college. Students choose among studying French, Italian or Spanish beginning in 6th grade. In general, students continue in the same language at the high school. Switching to a different language requires the approval of the World Language Coordinator.