• Human Ecology
    Assistant Principal: Raymond Gessner

    Aligned with college and university programs, Syosset High School’s Human Ecology Department uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine the relationship between humans and their natural, social and built environments. Human Ecology classes provide students with the unique opportunity to explore real-world topics such as child care and development, teacher education, nutrition, lifespan studies and psychology. Classes are also offered that allow students to study and apply skills within the realms of culinary arts, interior design, and clothing construction. Authentic and relevant classwork encourages creativity, self- expression, introspection, and fosters the development of practical life-skills. Several courses are available for advanced placement (AP) and college credit. Contact members of the Human Ecology Department or Guidance counselors for additional information on this exciting group of electives. Students interested in an Advanced Regents Diploma may choose to complete a five-unit sequence option in Human Ecology.