• Advanced Research Program
    All major disciplines at Syosset High School expose the student body to the techniques required to conduct a research investigation. This exposure begins in the middle school in our Science Research 8 classes. The highly motivated research oriented student has the unique opportunity to participate in our Three Year Advanced Research Program which has interdisciplinary options. These Advanced Research classes meet ninth period on alternate days throughout the school year. Students are awarded a half-unit bonus credit for this honor’s class. A team comprised of business, mathematics, science, social studies, and technology teachers work with this select group of students. All research students will be encouraged to participate in research during one summer. The recommended summer research should be taken between their junior year and senior year. It is hoped that the summer of research is coordinated with an established research program/facility or with a researcher from a university, hospital, laboratory, etc.


    All 9th grade honors science students take Research 1. Students must apply to Advanced Research 10. A completed application form and two teacher recommendations must be submitted in the spring prior to admission to the program. One recommendation must be from a science teacher, and the other must be from either a math or social studies teacher. Forty-eight tenth grade students are selected each year to participate in the tenth grade Advanced Research Program. Students will be taught the process of research and will be required to do research in one of the following disciplines: mathematics, science, or social science.