• K-12 Testing Information

    The Syosset Central School District, as an accredited New York State Public School, is required by State Law to administer state assessments beginning in Grade 3 and oftentimes ending at the completion of high school. The New York State Department of Education states that state assessments are designed to help ensure that all students reach high learning standards. The state requires that students who are not making appropriate progress toward the state's standard receive academic intervention services.

    The schools in our district, as all other schools in New York State, administer required state examinations in Grades 3 to 8.

    It is important to keep the following facts in mind when viewing your child’s and the overall school’s scores.

    • School scores include all students, special populations such as English Language Learners and students with special needs.
    • Some schools have larger special populations than others.
    • Two or three students' scores can have a dramatic effect on grade level or school scores.
    • Each year the state changes the requirements for both students and schools in terms of performance.
    • As with school scores, student scores can be dramatically affected by two or three answers on an individual test.

    The performance of Syosset students continues to be among the highest. Individual school scores will vary from year to year as the student population shifts and test reporting requirements continue to change.