• Facilities Usage

    The Syosset Central School District is pleased to support community non-profit groups by providing facilities for their use.  All school-related activities shall be given priority in the use of facilities. Please note that all District facilities are closed (and not available for events) on District observed Holidays.

    All Use of Facilities applicants must abide by District Policy 1500 – Use of School District Facilities and be aware of any fees that may be charged. Additionally, all requesters will be required to complete a Resident Confirmation and Hold Harmless form, as well as provide the District with the required insurance certificates and endorsement forms.

    How to request the Use of a District Facility:

    Syosset Central School District uses SchoolDude, a web-based school facilities maintenance program, allowing for community non-profit groups to request facilities online.

    Requesting facilities for the first time:

    If you are representing a local community group and are requesting the use of facilities for the first time and would like to request a login to SchoolDude, please click here

    Returning facilities user:

    If you are representing an already approved local community group, are requesting the use of facilities, and already have a login to SchoolDude, please click here

    What happens after you submit your request:

    The application is first reviewed by the Facilities Department, which will review the application, Resident Confirmation form, Insurance certificate and Endorsements for compliance.  Afterward, the school site will determine if the facilities requested are available. After the school site has provided an initial approval, the application will be routed for final approval prior to the requested date and activated on the calendar.

    You must have final approval and an activated Facility Use Permit from the District prior to the scheduled event.  It is the responsibility of the user group to confirm approval prior to use.