• Elementary Report Card Information

    The District is now using Standards-Based Report Cards (SBRC) for grades K-5, which will provide more detailed feedback to parents /guardians regarding the progress their child is making towards specific learning standards at each grade level. It allows parents and students to understand more clearly what is expected; and with this understanding, parents are better able to guide and support their child and to help him/her be successful in a rigorous academic program. SBRC benefits students, teachers and parents/guardians by stating what is expected in the academic content areas, and how well the student is progressing towards his/her grade level standards for those areas.

    Grades are based are the Next Generation New York State Learning Standards, which establish challenging performance expectations for all students. They describe what students should know and be able to do, and serve as the basis for our curriculum, instruction and assessment philosophy.

    To view a presentation on our updated report cards, click here. 

    Report Card Templates

    The Syosset Central School District is excited to announce that through a collaborative effort, the Elementary-level report card has been redesigned. The new report card is aligned with the daily work in the classroom, applies a standards-based approach that focuses on individual learning, and is specific to each grade level. Templates of the new report cards for each grade level can be found in the links below.

    Parent/Guardian Guidance Documents

    Parent/Guardian Guidance Documents have been created to outline the redesigned report card, provide an explanation of the learning standards, and detail student performance. These documents also contain valuable information to support students in their learning at home. The Guidance documents for each grade level can be found in the links below.


    Translated Parent/Guardian Guidance Documents

    Please click below to access the Parent/Guardian Guidance Documents in your preferred language.