• Audience to the Public

    The Syosset Board of Education and Administration welcome your attendance at Board of Education meetings. The meetings will also be livestreamed on the District website. The Board of Education recognizes the value of community participation. As such, Audience to the Public affords residents of the District the opportunity to address the Board of Education. 


    The procedure for public participation during that portion of the meeting designated for this purpose is as follows:

    • Those who wish to speak during Audience to the Public must first be recognized by the Chair.


    • Residents must enter their full name and address into the Register located at the microphone before they speak.


    • Each resident will have four minutes to address the Board of Education, which may be extended at the discretion of the Chair for good cause.


    • The Board of Education and/or Administration will do their best to provide an immediate response to the resident’s question. Following the initial question, the resident will be permitted one follow-up related question or statement. 


    • Any resident who would like to address the Board of Education a second time after their initial four-minute turn, may do so after every other resident-audience member has the opportunity to address the Board of Education, and if time permits.


    • Neither the Board of Education nor Administration will identify a specific student or staff member by name, or by providing personably identifiable information at any time during the meeting; including but not limited to, during that portion of the meeting designated for the purpose of public participation. Neither the Board nor Administration will discuss questions from the public regarding collective bargaining negotiations, personnel matters, student matters, or legal matters.


    • All in attendance at the Board of Education Public Meeting must conduct themselves in a respectful manner.