• Audience to the Public
    The Syosset Board of Education and Administration welcome attendance at Board of Education meetings. The Board business meeting will be livestreamed and recorded. A link to access the livestream is available on the District website.

    The Board of Education values community input and provides opportunities to offer that input via email or in person. Persons who wish to speak during Audience to the Public must register online in advance of the meeting by 5pm the day of the Board Meeting. A link to the pre-registration form will be made available on the District website one week before the meeting. Persons wishing to address the Board of Education in person during “Audience to the Public” must conform to procedures adopted by the Board of Education. Speakers’ remarks must conform to the following rules:

    • All speakers and observers are required to conduct themselves in a respectful and civil manner in accordance with rules set by the Board of Education.
    • Speakers must address the Board of Education only, not members of the audience, or the audience as a whole.
    • Speakers must limit their comments to issues concerning School District operations, School District affairs, or Board of Education policy.
    • Because of rights protected by State and Federal Law, no speaker may speak about an individual student or staff member, nor will the Board or Administration entertain questions in public regarding collective bargaining negotiations, personnel matters, student matters, or legal matters.
    • No speaker may speak about decisions involving specific personnel or specific students. If a speaker wishes to address the Board concerning specific personnel or specific students, the speaker may write to the Board of Education.
    • Speakers may not use epithets, slurs, personal abuse, lewd and obscene speech, profanity, libelous speech, threats, and “fighting” words or gestures – defined as words (or gestures) which by their very utterance (use) inflict injury or tend to incite a breach of the peace.

    Any person who violates the rules above will immediately forfeit the balance of their time addressing the Board of Education. To be recognized to speak, persons must register with their full name and address and attest that they will comply with the rules stated above. In addition:

    • Only residents of the Syosset Central School District are permitted to address the Board.
    • Each resident will have four minutes to address the Board of Education, which may be extended or reduced at the discretion of the Chair for good cause.
    • The Board will not permit “polling” of Board members by speakers.
    • After every resident wishing to speak has had an opportunity to do so, the Board of Education and/or Administration may respond to residents’ questions or comments.
    • No resident will be permitted to address the Board more than once per meeting.
    • No one may record another member of the public in a manner that is disruptive or confrontational.