• Syosset High School Guidance Overview
    Christopher Ruffini, Assistant Principal, (516) 364-5686, cruffini@syossetschools.org 

    The Developmental School Counseling Program of Syosset secondary schools is a comprehensive plan of academic, career, and personal development. It is an integral part of the total school program and supports the goals established for all students. Integral to the success of a comprehensive developmental program is a team approach that requires the cooperation and involvement of parents, staff members, and community organizations.  

    Our program emphasizes the relationship between student and counselor, which we believe is the key to a successful program. Through a series of sequential and developmental activities, the counselor is meaningfully involved with each student throughout the secondary school experience. In this way, the student is in the best position to learn, plan, and make positive decisions with the ongoing support and assistance of a familiar counselor.

    Career Education is also a critical component of our program. It is important for all students, parents, staff, and community members to be informed about the wide variety of vocational education programs available to students of every sex, race, color, national origin, or disability. For more information, please contact your child’s counselor.

    The following services are available to all of our students:

    Individual and group counseling

    Special education guidance and counseling

    Employment opportunities (part-time work)

    Academic advisement

    Peer mediation

    National Honor Society tutoring

    Vocational opportunities

    Career exploration and internships

    Evening counseling appointments

    Psychological/social work liaisons

    Enrichment program information

    Drug and alcohol education

    Scholarship information

    Guidance resource center

    Study skills workshop

    Various support groups