• Important Contact Information

  • School Nurses:

    A.P. Willits Nurse's Office 
    (516) 364-5834
    Kathryn Wysocki, RN

    Berry Hill Nurse's Office
    (516) 364-5796
    Maryann Ersboll, RN

    Baylis Nurse's Office
    (516) 364-5801
    Alyse Cohen, RN

    Robbins Lane Nurse's Office
    (516) 837-8932
    Kristen Ocuto, RN

    South Grove Nurse's Office

    Main Building - (516) 837-8938
    Suzanne Shoemaker, RN

    Annex - (516) 364-5816
    Ashley Molloy, RN

    Village Nurse's Office 

    (516) 364-5817
    Nancie Conzone, RN

    Walt Whitman Nurse's Office

    (516) 364-5827
    Laura Pariante, RN

    H.B. Thompson Nurse's Office

    (516) 364-5765
    Maureen Henshaw, RN

    South Woods Middle School Nurse's Office

    (516) 364-5627
    Joan Gonzalez, RN
    Eileen Hagan, RN

    Syosset High School Nurses' Office

    (516) 364-5696
    Danielle Goldblatt, RN
    Amy Straus, RN

  • To report a postive case of COVID-19, or to report a close contact of a positive case, please complete the following form:

    COVID-19 Hotline Report

    For clearance to return to physical Education or Athletics after a COVID-19 infection, please complete this form:

    PE Athletics Clearance Form