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  • Welcome to December and the most atypical holiday season of our lives. As we move forward through the school year, I ask that you continue to be mindful of the District's recommendations regarding the sacrifices we all must make in order to stay open. Our goal this year will not be perfection. It will be progress on all fronts. We hope to inspire the children to grow academically, socially and emotionally throughout the year. While everyone will try to stay in the holiday spirit, it is likely that the next few weeks and months may be some of the hardest of the pandemic. Preparing mentally for that and planning how to take care of ourselves and our friends and families is going to be really important.
    Each day, the children continue to arrive at school with smiles on their faces and kindness in their hearts. As a school community, we will continue to make every attempt to foster and inspire those attributes. Despite whatever difficulties we all face these days, the children remain our greatest resource for maintaining positivity. We are so grateful; we get to share them with you!
    Have a very happy holiday season. Stay well and stay connected! 
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    Welcome to Village School, where we believe what it says on our tee shirts, “The School is the Heart of Every Village.”


    Working closely together, the staff, parents and children are able to create a learning environment that is safe and inclusive of all and enables our children to grow educationally, socially and emotionally while being a respected member of the community. We all work together to make young people wonder and think about possibilities. With words we mold minds. With deeds, we touch hearts. Together we work in the present, but are happy to create the future.


    We are pleased to welcome you into our community and look forward to enjoying your participation.