• Stillwell Fields Proposal

    On May 18, 2021, Syosset Central School District residents will have the opportunity to vote on the transfer of Stillwell Fields to the District.


    • Provide students with additional access to educational programs and interscholastic athletics.
    • Improve a recreational asset for the community with added amenities and increased security.
    • Improve the safety and security of a property already heavily used by Syosset students and families.

    With the support of the community: 

    • The cleared portion of Stillwell Park, approx. 35 acres, would transfer to the school district from Nassau County.
    • Nassau County would retain the remaining portion of the preserve (with the hiking, biking and horse trails). The preserve status will remain unchanged. 
    • $3 million of County funds announced by Leg. Lafazan earmarked for improvements to the property would be conveyed to the District.
    • The District would undertake a capital improvement project with these funds and additional funds from school district sources.
    • The District would take over site management, including security and maintenance.
    • Community groups' existing regular use permits would transfer with the property.

    With input from the community, various improvements / amenities would be under consideration, such as:

    • 1-mile paved running/walking path
    • Soccer-sized turf field
    • Installation of field lighting
    • Renovated bathroom facilities
    • Artificial turf infields
    • Reconfiguration to better accommodate lacrosse
    • Redesign of fields for most efficient use of space
    • Parking improvements
    • Security infrastructure including surveillance cameras and a security guard presence 


  • How would security on the property be enhanced?

  • Would there be a running/walking path?

  • Will senior citizens be allowed to use the walking path during the school day?

  • Are there any plans to improve the current bathroom situation?

  • What would happen to the existing Fire Department facility?

  • What would happen to existing permits held by youth sports?

  • Will the wooded areas of the park remain available during the school day?

  • Are there any environmental concerns?

  • How will this project affect my taxes?


  • Is it possible to improve the parking lots?

  • Would there be any changes to the baseball/ softball diamonds?

  • What would happen with the turf field that was included in Nassau County's proposal for improvement at Stillwell Park?

  • Who would be responsible for site maintenance?

  • Will the wooded areas of the park remain available during the school day?

  • The wooded area is often used by mountain bikers. Are any improvements considered for their needs?