• COVID-19 Testing
    The District has partnered with Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics to offer drive-up COVID-19 testing to our community at two convenient locations on our school campuses:

    Covid-19 Rapid Antigen and Vaccine Antibody testing are offered. Please click the links above for an appointment or call (516) 488-5050 with any questions. 

    To maximize the efficiency and safety of the COVID testing sites, please review and follow the important protocols currently in place, and as outlined below:

    • It is very important to make an appointment if you wish to receive a COVID test (please use the links above).
    • Please be aware that wait times may be longer than we have previously experienced at our testing sites. The nurses and technicians are working as swiftly and safely as possible to conduct accurate testing and we thank you for your patience. Please be prepared to wait in your vehicle for your COVID test appointment.
    • All students needing a COVID test at one of our sites must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
      • If a student shows COVID symptoms during the school day, a parent or guardian will be contacted by the school, asked to pick up the student, and informed that a COVID test is required. The student will remain with the nurse, separate from other students, until the parent or guardian arrives.
      • If a student is absent due to COVID-related symptoms, the parent/guardian will be contacted by the school and informed that COVID test (rapid or PCR) is required.
      • COVID test results must be provided to the health office prior to the student’s return to school. Students cannot return until rapid and/or PCR results are received.
      • If a student has a history of COVID, and presents with symptoms, the school nurse will contact the parent/guardian to discuss testing protocol.

    (Note: Parents/guardians of student-athletes participating in “high-risk” sports have provided permission in advance for weekly COVID surveillance testing and therefore are not required to be present for the weekly COVID test. However, if a student-athlete exhibits any COVID-19 symptoms, the protocol outlined above will be followed.)

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your school health office. 

    The following link provides information on all local testing sites: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/find-test-site-near-you